Moving To Cargo

It's hard to say this but i move my works to cargocollective right now. So i will not update this blog anymore. Thank you for all who still visit this blog till today, now let's move to the next one.

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Just Writing My Name Singapore 2013

Last week i joined another event by Montana Cans held by Microcity Singapore, Just Writing My Name Singapore 2013. There are 3 section opened for graffiti jam, the skate park, youth park and s*cape playspace. Click read more for more pic..

The Exhibition

Here's some sort update from FAB Family exhibition titled Rey Sin Una Corona, Click read more for more photos....

Rey Sin Una Corona

Upcoming exhibition of FAB Family Foundation, Click the image for more info

Fight Water With Fire

Finally the day comes for FAB Family x MASE crew together painting in one wall !! No need more introduction click read more for more photos..

IFC X Cheztwo

Got myself to do some wall painting for IFC (Indonesia Fight Club). Kinda weird tho because i don't do letter this time, Click read more....

Adventure Time

Been fan of Adventure Time since last year. My cousin lovin' it so much, and now i'm kinda into it. And yeah it's fun to play with. Click read more..
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