hell yeaa..lets go to Jakarta EX URBANIZE Preshrunk.


Cheztwo x Dirga

This is not manipulation !

Illustrator cs2

This friday i have a guest from Malaysia,he's known as mile09..well enjoy the session. Boncu/Zord (EA) Camen(EA) Mile09(Malaysia) Cheztwo feat Indy Racht4 and Mayong


Dont miss it!!

an illustrator experiment with donans. Guys check out my favorite artist new web site...

Spydee : The Instrumental Journey

Spydee a.k.a tag01 just launched his instrumental album called "PROCESS - An Instrumental Journey" Available on Wadezig offline store or buy by email to stereoflow@yahoo.co.id

My friend asked me to be the official crew of "Back to Underground" event on saturday. These are some photos. This event is a reunion of bandung underground music scene,featuring Jeruji,Full of Hate,Noise Damage,dajjal,Hell Gods,Keparat,and many more..

Sotopoppin...hiks, i still have a lot of task from my "nirmana" class.cpd.

A session with racht4,indysix,and Pope.

Cheztwo x Indysix Tag02 X Pope You can't see me !!

Behind The Scene !
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