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60 at Jatinangor

brand new freshness piece from 60 (FAB FAMILY, ZNC, MUTE) check out FAB FAMILY FOUNDATION


For Sale : Green Bucks (print)
Dimension : 60 x 40 cm
Price : Rp.450.000
Contact : 081931359012 or

Brass Donkey Junkie

check out BRASS DONKEY blogs for their product updates, photograph by Ogam. Chezt it out !

Respecta Exhibition Project

The Flagrant TV

Yup The Foundation website updated, plus new feature called FAB.TV

FAB FAMILY Jogja Trip Video

Jogja Trip 3

Finally we paint !! It's kinda hard to find spot because Biennale event so finally we did it at Universitas Gadjah Mada. The wall is good if there's no rain, so we have to finished it on the other day, click read more for more pics

Jogja Trip 2

We're staying at Al's (Core) house in Jogja, and we almost spent the entire day at his store to chill. click read more to see more pics

Jogja Trip 1

Last week i got a chance to visit Jogjakarta with Shake, Racht4 and Sarah. Actually this is first time i spend my weekend in Jogja. This is the arrival day click read more for more pics, oh are we painting ? hell sure we did it .

The MTN Diaries

For this first 34mn chapter shot during summer 2009, meet up with Horphe, Tomek, Se and Gues in the streets of Paris / Seen from New York in his parisian workshop / Metro, Afiler and their sidekicks in Belgium train yards / Twist & Amaze from San Francisco on their journey in Lyon for an unusual performance / Pro & Koolfunc GT and Seb FMK painting in their favorite playgrounds / Honet and his guests for a catacomb mission. For the record, no need to ask us if we do personally know these artists: all video footage was sent to us anonymously; and no, Montana Colors and All City don’t encourage nor support vandalism… Enjoy the show.

Tribute to Shy Fx by Koma ( INDO )

Music is religion !! I really feel for it and this guy surely have a same feeling. This is a mad production from Koma (INDO) check out his blog MERIKENLYBIA

Before & After NYE

I wont come back !

Alice In Atlantis Video

You already see the whole coverage of ZNC production now it's time to watch another FAB FAMILY'S video. Click read more! to read the description

Graffiti production by FAB FAMILY / ZNC from Bandung, Indonesia. The writers are Cheztwo, Racht4, Skeed, Shake. The Southeast Asia ZNC (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) are doing the Alice In The Wonderland Production. Each country has different theme for the production and Indonesia is use Atlantis. We choose it because there's a rumor about the lost city is located in Indonesia according to Plato's prediction.

ZNC is a international writers crew based in Singapore.

Alice In Wonderland part 3 (final)

Yes finally ZNC Bandung (FAB Family) did it, this production is called " Alice In Atlantis" done by Cheztwo, Shake, Skeed and Racht4 . click read more to see the whole production
Click the image for the larger pic .

Alice In Wonderland part 2

The second one of the production came from Singapore who used " Alice In The Dangerland " as the title of their theme. Click read more! to see the whole production. guilty parties:slacsatu,monk,clogtwo,sandman,sen,s13.

Alice In Wonderland part 1

First production are from ZNC Malaysia by PHBKLIK and this one called " DISTRIC in Fuckin Wonderland ", wait for next update from Singapore and Indonesia crews, click read more for more photos...
Phobia, Kay, Katun, (ZNC, PHBKLIK)

Drips n Drops New Product

A damn great artworks from RVLV on Tee Shirt, grab them now at DRIPSNDROPS

Street Wizard

You know back there when graffiti was so hype in this country and like there's no other hobby than graffiti, Kids are so proud being a bomber/street artist but not me, i mean fuck it i was a kid and i don't know nothing about bomber or artist
The only thing i know about it was my cousin give me a look of " Banging Your Head Against The Brick Wall - Banksy ". I was like"Goddamn this is crime is magic !! " So instead telling people on the internet that i was a bomber/ street artist, i'd tell them that i'm a Street Wizard (LOL), what am i ? David Blaine haha...peace,pics taken from Noah camera, thanks man !!
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