Cheztwo is rep ZincNite Crew ( ZNC )

ZincNite Crew rockin it since 1998

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Gor x BIGM (London)

ZINCNITE CREW was founded by slacsatu and monk back in 1998 when graffiti in singapore was just starting to get up.Inspired by dirty handz,the crew's main mission is only to bomb with the mentality of staying underground from the society and also from the graff scene which is brewing up in the country.Known to be in the most wanted list by the authorities back in those days till the crew was finally busted 2 years later and went tru HELL after a spree of islandwide bombing.Out of the original 6 members, only slac and monk still keep the crewname alive and with slac's winning one of the first few graff comp in 2001 while serving his 1 year probation,ZNC finally rise up to the eye of society and the scene here.The struggles goes on to keep the crew and scene alive therefore more new writers were invited to build the new ZINCNITE CREW in SG.After more than 10 years of writing in a god damn small country with a god damn strict law & order,2009 is the year they choose to go international.Hope this will be a new page to ZNC's long forgotten history.This underestimated crew started with passion and will definitely not end with regrets. Now i'm honored to be one of the connection along with ZNC members in Indonesia.Chezt It Out ! ZNC, FAB FAMILY Represent !

Phb Klik,ZNC and Project Burner Visited Bandung

Yeah we have a guest from Malaysia and Singapore, and we did a jam in Bandung. Cool people hanging out, best writers are united. Click Read More for more photos !

FAB Myspace

Finally we decided to used myspace for get in touch with writers around the globe. Add us if you have some.

Street Magz

Street Magz is the first graffiti magazine in Indonesia Published by Squad Urban Streetwear from Jogjakarta. Although it called street art but basically it's all about Graffiti .
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Hell yeah FAB Family is rockin the digital page.

Meeting Of Style

FAB FAMILY are performing at BNP event in Gasibu, Shake and Skid did it (click read more for more photos)

Rise And Shine

Time goes passing by, so did the mocks and haters.
All of this journey makes me better, they recognize me, respect me and i thank for that 
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Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth, I have to go.
Rise and shine all you gold- diggin' mothers
Are you too good to tango with the poor poor boys

Invasian June Handstyle Friday Battle

Congratulations to Shake from Indonesia for winning the June Handstyle Friday Battle.

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Here’s are James thought:

I must say, there’s a ton of great entries! But my 2 favorites are Shake’s and Kenji’s handstyle. Each one has it’s own unique style and a recognition of the history of certain styles. Admittedly i love funky styles so Kenji’s handstyle i thought was really

dope. The easy to read, playful script was something i’d love to see on a subway inside with a nice chisel tip marker. It’s a clean, creative handstyle that doesn’t scream graffiti when i look at it.

Shake’s handstlye on the other hand is representative to me of a great, developed,traditional graffiti schooled handstyle. The well placed hooks and curves on the letters, the fact that each character has it’s own unique development but they are still close and tight together and frequently connected in a clever way - i love the “R” attaching into the “A” - is really dope and the well placed quote, star and underline pull everything together. Both are great, but shake really takes it, no doubt.

Congrats my friend, Indonesian Pride !

Cartier Foundation: Born In The Street

Apparently Seen recreated the famous ‘hand of Doom’ piece!!
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Video Interview With Ewok at Vimby

“Graffiti is the type of thing you have to be really dedicated to,” says Seventh Letter member, EWOK. 
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“My mom always tells people like, she could never keep any pens or pencils around, cus I’d always steal them and draw on every piece of paper in the house and it kept going; it kind of became an obsession.” Hear what else this talented graf artist has to say in a fresh video interview below :VIMBY - EWOK
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