Adventure Time

Been fan of Adventure Time since last year. My cousin lovin' it so much, and now i'm kinda into it. And yeah it's fun to play with. Click read more..

Piece By Piece [Recap]

For those who can't make it to the event, here's full recap for you. Click read more..

Sthrowie Macau

First time visiting Macau, don't have any contacts to hook up so i just visited as a tourist. What can i say... this city is pretty similar to some cities in Indonesia because of the portuguese occupation but more neat and tidy. click read more for more pics..

Piece By Piece Screening & Discussion

I'm invited to be the speaker of San Francisco graffiti documentaries film titled Piece By Piece in @america Jakarta along with Andi Rharharha and Bujangan Urban. More info check here.

Hong Kong 2013

Hong Kong Bustle

2012 was a very busy year working, looking for a job moving to another country, city and things. So yeah you can called it less painting year i guess. For 2013 i decided to start the new year in Hong Kong. Click read more for more photos...

Sthrowie Singapore

So the sticker throw's up (Sthrowie) has landed in Singapore, click read more for more pics...

On The Road

On The Road: Graffiti in Vagrancy shows a 3 graffiti artist who traveled from Southeast China to Tibet. Of course they paint along the way, the featured artist are Sinic, NAN & WHYYY.
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