FAB Family and Wadezig did it again, this time they gone out to the Karawang city companied by MBC crew to paint on a freight train. click read more for more pics


My man RACHT 4 just launched his website, go check out his web to see his latest works. Click here

The Saints

Sirum1 is one of my favorite graffiti writers, and finally i got a chance to paint with him on a legal wall at St. Kilda beach. Lots of peoples walk through the neighborhood stopped to watched us painted the wall. Click read more for video and photos.

Kosmopolite Art Tour 2011


Check out latest video from NSANE5 about his activity with other Indonesian graffiti artist in Kosmopolite Art Tour 2011 France.

Final Round

As you noticed the Indonesian rep is from MASE crew, hope things go well and dammit i'm proud no matter what happened ! good luck guys !

Bomb Track

It's been a long time since our last wall together, FAB Family's is back ! This time the team who brought you Alice In The Atlantis (2010), Shake, Skeed, Racht4 and Cheztwo bomb a big wall in the skate park. This was our latest project teamed up with Skinny Think and using Ironlak as the weapon of choice. Click read more for photos

Somewhere In The Afternoon

You guys probably already found our spot in Dago, well it was a nice place to paint until some toys came and messed the place up. 
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