F.A.B Production Updated

Cisitu Production.
Tag02,Beast,Mask Crew,Pope,Tag01,Cheztwo
Dago Production.
Top: Tag02,Pope. Bottom: Cheztwo,Tag01.

Sketches From Tag01

Hiaha..we trade our sketches,and this is from Tag01(a.K.a Spydee)

Dago Production

Today i bombing with Tag Team,and Pope, actually we're gonna bomb in cikawao,but it's raining, so we moved out to dago.
waiting for rain to stop at cikawao
Night Looks (sorry for low quality pic)
Daylight pics coming soon as possible

Digi Digi yay

Digital Production by Cabione cheztwo,cabione,older+ Busway bombing(fake, off course :p) Arthur Birthday


Cisitu Production

Last week we do Production on Cisitu..here's some flick...
whole walls coming soon
The session was stoped by rain(again)about an hour,and some stupid"botack" take this photos....

Sketches for Spydee(Tag01) blackbook

Cutting Sticker

My school mate asking me to make graffiti for his cutting sticker design..
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