Flagrant Act of Murder! last nite FAB was goin down to the street to do some throwies

STISI rooftop(FINAL). Seems like Tag02 forget to take the daylight picture,so i shot it with a cellphone cameras.

Honda Vario Launching. Tag02 Cheztwo Racht4 Pope Tag01 a.k.a Spydee.

I bet y'all thinkin that we're goin to bomb a train..haha,sorry mate,we're to pussy for that..hahaha This is an illegal bombing with Ice,Sambelz, and EA Racht4(FAB,ICE,SAM) Cheztwo(FAB) Taze(EA) Mayong(Sambelz) Shout to :

Me,Racht4,Mayong, and Taz did some Throw ups around Dago and Asia Afrika,here's some pics.

Achaacha..throwies at Asia Afrika. And the sun goes down....(check out what happend when the night came,only in this blogs!)

Haha,I was stick it about a years ago. The shoes on the display is "nggak banget" ahaha.. Get busy with all the collage task,meng...Almost no bombing, now I'm studying to use a SLR cameras for my Photograph class with my mate,check his photologs at www.flickr.com/photos/emir_maulana/ Tag Team Cheztwo Racht 4 "Did I said almost ?" Unfortunately all the photos of this event is not in good quality,so I just post the good one,enjoy..

A video from The Killer Gerbil,he just back from his vacation. This is a video when we was bombing in STISI rooftop,enjoy...

I just bought this stuff meng,haha.. _________________________________________________ Tag's on billboard on merdeka street flyover. _____________________________________________________ These are some pics of ISA2006 in bandung Actually the event is so fuckin bored,the amateur skater's is just having fun with their homies..biatch.. _________________________________________________________________
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