Live long and prosper

Let's get back to 3 years ago when i was still with my crew called Pround. Ogam was contacted me and tell me there was a graff jam in Pondok Indah, There was Toter, ICE crew, Nsane, Wev2K,Artcoholic, Morden. So without any second doubt i called my crew and start the engine to Jakarta for the Jam
Pround Crew was Cheztwo, Yurra, Kautsar/Drips,Benz
After we done and have really nice afternoon me with my crew go straight to Bandung. And then this is what i do 3 years later
This time i arrived at Jakarta at 10AM and finished my piece at 12, I did the same color flow at the same wall that we did 3 years ago but this time i doesn't go straight to Bandung. Now the wall was fucked up i know my piece won't stay long in there, but fuck it.
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