Started writing graffiti around 2005 with his mate "Pround Crew", after that he make writers collective called FAB FAMILY with other best writers in Bandung. At 2009 he was recruited by the world wide graffiti crew ZNC as one of their global family.

List of Achievement :
Installation Volksfest, Bandung

2007 :
Exhibition Against The Wall, Bandung
Live Painting Nike Outlet Launching, Bandung
Live Painting Let's Dance Global TV, Bandung
Exhibition Djarum Black Urban Art, Jakarta
Live Painting Kickfest, Bandung
Featured in Artzmania Magazine, Malaysia

2008 :
Exhibition Indo - Japan, Jakarta
Exhibition Live Painting Urban Fest, Jakarta
Live Painting FGD Expo, Jakarta
Installation Djarum Black Urban Art, Jakarta
Commissioned Artist Campaign "Lapor Dong", Bandung
Live Painting Nokia IAC, Bandung
Live Painting Marlboro Sundaze Artland, Bandung

2009 :
Exhibition "Mereka Tidak Sendiri", Bandung
Commissioned Artist Campaign "Watchout", Bandung
Live Painting One Village One Playground, Bandung
Featured in Invasian Magazine, Hongkong
Speaker & Live Painting "Graffiti & Street Art" UNILA, Lampung
SCAPE Visout Graffiti Jam, Singapore
Featured In Heiho Magazine

Exhibition Family Matters, Bandung
Live Painting Wall Lords Indonesia 2010, Bandung
Featured in Graffiti Asia Book By Studio Rarekwai, London
Featured In Baby Boss Magazine
Commissioned Artist For Pop Mie TVC
Exhibition Sweet Street Festival, Melbourne
Live Painting ZNC Undisputed Jam, Singapore
Live Painting Djarum Super No Boundaries, Bandung
Artist of The Month (July) Geeks Bible
Haltet die Kirche Im Dorf Exhibition, Germany

Commissioned Artist Sixteen D'Scale X Anti Sweden, Indonesia
Exhibition Glued Sticker Party, Jakarta
Exibition Hats Off, Hongkong
Exhibition Anti Sixteen With FAB, Jakarta
Commissioned Artist Blitz Megaplex, Bekasi
Commissioned Artist Skinny Think, Bandung

Live Painting Free! Magazine 10th Anniversary: Magical Future With FAB, Jakarta
Just Writing My Name Indonesia Artist, Jakarta