Tie was shot !

Exactly 11 years ago Tie was announced dead because robery, the fact is Jonathan See Lim, was murdered in the Tenderloin of San Francisco on Turk and Taylor. A man named William Porter shot him in the back of his head while Tie was begining to climb a rooftop to pain. Of cource the SF police covered it up as a robbery and our 18 year old little buddies death went unvindicated.

Fuck that piece of shit William Porter! I hope he is dying in his own fecies, covered in cancerous tumors. Fuck his life and everyone he knows. Karma has a wicked way of playing itself out to those who cause so much pain.

God Bless the memory of our friend Tie/Seo-Jonathan See Lim.

Enjoy The Holiday

In the NY Times’ latest audio feature, One in 8 Million, the showcase features Alife Rivington Club’s Jesse Villaneuva. A series of captivating photos alongside his own recollection sets the tone for his personal habits and how it affects his everyday life as well as the lengths sneakerhead will go to around the area.
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Also y'all got to watch this
Passion Pit - The Reeling

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