Lads and Gents finally i'm proud to tell you that we are going to held an our own first exhibition !! This is one of the reason why i doesn't update my blog for a long time. I'm gonna gives y'all free stickers and mixtape cd's at the event so be there !! More infos check out the website :

Wall Street Arts

Super ! it's gonna be historical event for the scene ! Word up to all the artist who involved in this event. More info about the event on Facebook.

Graffiti Asia

Finally the book arrived in Indonesia. Graffiti Asia is one of the first to examine the spread of graffiti in Asia, Specially the Southeast Asia. Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are featured in this book. Click read more for more photos.
I would like to say thanks for the all the peoples who stay real to the scenes, cause without it we won't get recognized. Mad props to all the Asian writers out there and specially The SRK studios who make this happened.
More detail about the books click here.

Geeks Bible

Haven't update much because of lot of works to be done, but hey i've got a chance to do Geeks Bible website header. Go check them out !
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