Your Brother

You finished what you started, you get what you did,
Who doesn't did it ? Everyone try their best in their on way,
But, is it the right way ?
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Step in to my path doesn't make us equal

Singapore Graffiti Jam !

Yup, still about my last visit from Singapore. Finally they finished the background, it's very long wall and i just received the photos. Click read more to see more photos and Video.
Chezt It Out ! ( FAB Family, ZNC )
Racht4 ( FAB Family, ZNC, ICE Crew, SAM )

EGO! Magazine

EGO! Magazine is come back, this fourth edition is different from the past edition. In These edition you can find an interview with FAB FAMILY and my cousin Ogam Anantyo from We Don't Do Photos. You can get the Magazine in Wadezig store or download the pdf version here. Click read more for more photos


Been late night chat with this guy NUKE from PB Malaysia. Sharing bout music and graffiti then yea yeah we decided to make some Style exchange sketch, so he write for me and vice versa. Thanks for the exchange man, chezt it out !

Singapore 2nd Day

First day was hot, the second day was hotter ! lol. So i must take bus to Sandman place to buy some spray paint and it takes 20 minutes from city ( they call it town by the way )

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Yea yeah !!! Cheztwo Zinc Nite Crew, Flagrant Act of Bombing ! Chezt It Out !!

Awesome noon with finest Singapore writers. Meet my crew mate ZNC, like Slacsatu, Clog02, Sandman, Sen and also my favorite writers from 2005 Ashd and Syc03. Oh and i meet Locase, Newa, Klex, Cable and Kino as well. Damn miss those city, i'll definitely visit lion city again !

Punk !

Before we get to Singapore day 2, i would like to post some of my piece before i went to Singapore. click read more for more photos.

Singapore 1st Day

First day in Singapore i was take part to do shooting for a local movie. Singapore is really hot that day. click read more for more photos

Skeed Is SKID !!

Once again my mate Skid (FAB FAMILY, ZNC) did slap me with his piece, Awesome !!

Brass Donkey Junkie

I have a project called Brass Donkey, i really produce it in a small quantity. Not gonna call it limited i just don't have enough money to produce more. if you like it you can mail to , You can buy it for Rp.100.000.

DISTRICT Shop & Gallery

Yeyeah our mate PHOBIAKLIK from Malaysia just did open a store called DISTRICT Shop & Gallery there. Every month the gallery will featured " Graffiti Of The Month ". And their artist in this month are SHAKE from Bandung who also rep Phbklik,ZNC, and FAB FAMILY.
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Last sunday i was visiting Jakarta, and i was visiting one of my favorite crew exhibition. Yeah it was Artcoholic. The exhibition is some kind of collaboration with Obey artwork. It was great night and it's nice to finally meet with them again. Click Read More for more photos.
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