Another Tagging..
Looks, some girls ask someone to take a picture at my tag :D

Tamblong Production

whole walls:old,racht,pope,chezt,break,mondayz,tagteam,iemz,yurra

Throw up


Some old Works...
With Taku
At Simprug
End 2005 bombing around cinere

Lengkong Production

Yey Saturday Night ROCKS!!! with Ranger Bastards,Pope,Tag Team and Urban Klan Actually we're going to bomb in pasteur,but the spot is fucked up,so we moved to Lengkong,where i used to bomb there a long time a go with Racht4..thanks for y'all,respect !!
Urban Klan,Mondayz,Pround Crew,Upnix,Tag Team,Pope.

Veteran Production

Yey..my first character on the street..thx mondayz :)
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