Rise And Shine

Time goes passing by, so did the mocks and haters.
All of this journey makes me better, they recognize me, respect me and i thank for that 
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Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth, I have to go.
Rise and shine all you gold- diggin' mothers
Are you too good to tango with the poor poor boys

Invasian June Handstyle Friday Battle

Congratulations to Shake from Indonesia for winning the June Handstyle Friday Battle.

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Here’s are James thought:

I must say, there’s a ton of great entries! But my 2 favorites are Shake’s and Kenji’s handstyle. Each one has it’s own unique style and a recognition of the history of certain styles. Admittedly i love funky styles so Kenji’s handstyle i thought was really

dope. The easy to read, playful script was something i’d love to see on a subway inside with a nice chisel tip marker. It’s a clean, creative handstyle that doesn’t scream graffiti when i look at it.

Shake’s handstlye on the other hand is representative to me of a great, developed,traditional graffiti schooled handstyle. The well placed hooks and curves on the letters, the fact that each character has it’s own unique development but they are still close and tight together and frequently connected in a clever way - i love the “R” attaching into the “A” - is really dope and the well placed quote, star and underline pull everything together. Both are great, but shake really takes it, no doubt.

Congrats my friend, Indonesian Pride !

Cartier Foundation: Born In The Street

Apparently Seen recreated the famous ‘hand of Doom’ piece!!
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