Remastering The Crown

Pop What

Last year we workin' on a tv commercial project for Pop Mie. This is our first time workin' with professional agency's and peoples for tv's. click read more for more pics...

No Boundaries Video

Singapore 2010

This is the FAB Family version of our trip to Singapore last year. Miss the guys already, hope we can jam again this year.Watch the official video at previous post

ZNC Undisputed Video

ZNC Undisputed Jam official video by Clogtwo


Got a chance to visit Singapore with Shake,Stereoflow and Racht4 to painted at ZNC Undisputed Jam event. Click read more for more pic...
Can't say how much excited i'm, this is the legendary event of all time that we've been waiting for. Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia are painting in same wall. Hope there's gonna be another jam these year and it's gonna be the whole world wide crew members of ZNC !
We should be leaving home on Saturday which is where the party started, but God has his on way to canceled our flight. So we party hard down there as seen at the earlier post
Thanks for the Singaporean for the hospitality and specially Zinc Nite Crew !! ZNC Unite !


Enough with monologue, click read more for more pics...

Daf by Racht4

Diamonds Are Forever or DAF studio was a great friend of mine. If you guys remember they are who put Obey installation in the street of Bandung. Now they officially got new studio space for works and painted by Racht 4. Check out their blog for more pics


Finally am gonna reach 6 years of my Graffiti experience and it's hit on 2011. Still gonna play hard and work hard in the future and off course with the help from my friends from FAB Family.

60 & Axixa

Check out the first video from Daf studio featuring 60 of FAB Family's collabo with Axixa. The video done by Mariska & Rambo

Haltet die Kirche im Dorf

Haltet die Kirche Im Dorf or Keep The Church In The Village is the title of the exhibition 3HZNC in the germany.The Exhibition is the end of the year exhibition 2010 of Threehouse in an old abandoned Russian Cinema in the northwest of Leipzig. The show is exhibiting major parts of the work done in 2010 and will be there till the works are stolen or the building is thrown down.

3HZNC Exhibition

Me and the other ZNC members was joined the exhibition in Leipzig, Germany on December 2010. This was a illegal exhibition held by The Threehouse Crew who is also a member of ZNC world wide. Click read more for more photos !
"after the holidays, we finished the flicks and the vid of the exhibition.
Thanks so much for your help. It all went very well, we had quite good feedback, lots of fun. there where around 50 people, what is good for an illegal exhibition 3 5 days before christmas and with -5°C outside. ZNC was represent in a room by you and some facebook/myspace flicks, a history and some facts. was a good show."
Thank you so much for Threehouse Crew for the opportunity, hope y'all can go down to Southeast Asia this year, ZNC Unite !!

No Boundaries

This is the last time i paint with the boys at 2010. The event was great although the weather was so hard on us. Click read more for more picture
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