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Down Blues

Good mornin' 'lil school girl,can I go home, can I go home with you?
Tell your mother and your father,I'm a little school boy too.
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Woke up this mornin',woke up this mornin',
I didn't know what to,I didn't know what to do I didn't have no blues,baby, bit I couldn't be satisfied
(Sonny Boy Williamson II)

Da Vinci Is an Artist

Leonardo Da Vinci is a legend. He is a Scientist, Mathematician, Engineer, Inventor, Anatomist, Painter, Scluptor, Architect, Botanist, Musician and Writer. Click Read More To Read This Post
This man is everything a man want to be, and he is called as an Artist. Artist means someone who does art. But in my definition Artist is someone who does art and ABOVE it. I also do art, but i refused to be called as an Artist because the only art i can do is drawing and painting (and it's not as good as Da Vinci).
(Artist Eh ?)
So the ARTIST title is belong to someone who has mastered The Supreme essence of ART through the process ! So do i deserve called as an Artist ? In my opinion Graffiti Artist is a label that peoples give, because graffiti also have a part in World of Art. So it would be a shame for you who just started graffiti in 6 month and proudly called yourself as an Graffiti Artist. I rather called as an graffiti writer because i do Graffiti, i understand it and i'm still on process (and I'm not pass it through yet).
So what would you be ? Toy ? Graffiti Artist ? or Artist ?

Thick & Bold

Shit man this thing is addicting, i try the word " i do what Warhol did "with variety of thick and bold, and it turn awesome !! you'll see more of my tag in my future artwork.

Hand Style Ad

i've been workin with my hand style lately and suddenly i got some idea for it.This time i used magazine and white marker as my new media of artwork. The concept is to ad my self with ad itself, Click Read more to read this post
So with bunch of new toy coming in this town, the streets has full of names but none of them was good enough to kill it. Just like a product/company i want to advertise that I'm one of the Bandung finest. With the tag line said " CHEZT IT OUT ! "
(Contains photos from Ego Magazine, and Rizla Magz)

Air Jordan "History of Flight"

I have been fans of Air Jordan's since i was 10 years old, i even used it at school.As time goes by i started to collect it my favourite is AJ I,III,IV and V. I also interested with Mars Blackmon character from AJ IV which i was used it on my pieces. Click Read More to read this post
In commemoration of Michael Jordan's illustrious career and recent induction into basketball hall of fame, Nike has unveiled an Air Jordan "History of Flight" online lookbook for fans to view. The 3D pop up animation also give viewers access to the 25th Anniversary (All White) Collection set to drop sometime next year. Meanwhile the introduction ceremony will officially take place during the weekend of september 10-12 at the Basketball Hall of Fame. You can view the whole Air Jordan's "History of Flight" animation here. (Via Hypebeast)
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