Huh ? Kopo ?

I was doin some pieces on Kopo Production, this time i draw a character. Why ? because there's no enough space and the word is all over my head so i decided to draw it.
It was fun night with Indy6, GTH, Noah, Martin, Alex, Hoyo and a bottle of


My friend was visited Bandung last friday, it was fun day with him, i take him to new FAB HQ and he's like "wtf man where is it ?" lol, 
This is a new spot we got never been touched before, the wall is located in Dago street near Simpang Dago. The only problem is maybe there's lot of kampung kids who ask borrow my cans "is it over yet ? can i have some ?" and it's like 10 kids asking that
Left to right : Older+,Cheztwo,Spydee,Netic9,SKID,Indy6 .

Quote For Today

This is quote from A Man who not smart but wise and care :
" Whining Wouldn't Increase Your Power "
Respect comes if people think you do something that's worth for respect and yes, whining wouldn't gain you any respects ! So stop complaining about respect this respect that !
- CHEZTWO 2009 -

The Sequel !

I'm so glad i can make it, YES the sequel is hereee !! 
The previous mixtape was able to get  91 hit ( thanks guys ), This sequel is more prepared that's why i give x mark on "Attempt" in the front cover. Enjoy this 28 minutes mix, i hope you enjoy it. CHEZT IT OUT !

Astronaut Boys

Did some works for my friend portofolio book, check the ASTRONAUTBOYS
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