Asno // S13 of ZNC

Walls by Asno and S13 of ZNC Singapore, this one is kick ass !


My man Older+ (FAB,ZNC) just launched his new website's, check it out at


Burn Doo Wop (That Thing)

 Back to my home town after awhile, got chance to paint with Skeed and Iemz to do a production. The weather quite friendly for a day, but the next day it just get worse. But yea there's nothing can stop us to burn the city ! And if you noticing the picture above i'm holding Ironlak cans, now y'all can get it from DRIPSNDROPS ! click read more for more photos..

KL City 2011

KL City

 After Singapore i move forward to another trip to Kuala lumpur. This is the first time in my life that i stepped my feet on Kuala Lumpur, been to Sarawak before but not much to do. Visiting other member of ZNC family, PHBKLIK Family and spent some time to chill at their store District. Click read more for more pics..

Hats Off !

Me and the boys are invited to join exhibition held by Evolution Holdings in Hongkong. “Hats Off” is a creative way to showcase and bring international artistic talent to Hong Kong. By using hats as a canvas for artwork the exhibition itself bring together 78 artists from 15 countries for. Click read more for more pics

Sofles: Fragments Of Consciousness

Got a chance to visit Sofles solo exhibition in Melbourne and also talking about his works and accomplishment so far, friendly guy and also awesome talented writer i ever knew. Click read more for more pics..

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