Skid to My Lou

Digital work from my man SKID (FAB FAMILY), Check out his gallery HERE

Bike 2 Bomb

Cheztwo (FAB FAMILY) x Noah, Bandung 2009
(Click Read More For More Photos) So yeah i did it again, this time with my junior from college,Noah.We did it at Jalan Veteran which is a Bicycle centre in Bandung so we make Noah character riding on a bike and yeah peoples loves it.

Power Of Katsu

As a tribute to the short-movie Powers of Ten by legendary contributors Ray and Charles Eames, the Powers of Katsu take a similar approach in aesthetics and presentations as the original movie from 1977it showcases the works of graffiti artist Katsu. Nick Poe and Alex Kalman of Red Bucket Films help coordinate and produce things with Katsu as Red Bucket Films begin their first solo show at the Crisp Gallery in London on June 24th till August 1st.
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Hobbies & Toys Fair 2009

FAB FAMILY did take part at the Hobbies & Toys Fair 2008, Read More.....

Monster In Disguise Exhibition

Monster In Disguise art exhibition is a solo showcase of Indonesia renown graffiti artist known as Darbotz. The event will be organized and hosted by Geseho. Monster In Disguise is themed after the artist Darbotz’s alterego disguised in his monster squid character named Cumi. The exhibition will feature his signature character Cumi in different mediums. There will be a mix of canvases, sculptures, skate decks, sketches and video of Darbotz’s past and present work. All artworks will be up for sale unless stated.

City Is Mine

I read a article that said I was ruinin shit But every time I look, I'm movin units in quick So I'ma hit y'all, with these last two and split and leave niggaz with nothing but my influences-es
-Jay Z-

Montana 94

Another technology of spray can's history Montana 94.
Check out the description : 147 matt colors, universal valve low to high pressure for your best control, excellent synthetic paint, best cover on any surface (even on chromed colors) with all color range, ultra fast drying, new 94 standard cap for optimizing MTN 94 topics. DAMNNNN !!! Too bad there's no stock left at It's really worth if you can afford this cans like MSK Holy shit!!, i wish i can have it like that in my garage

R.I.P Iz The Wiz

Iz the Wiz, graffiti legend and one of the forefathers of hip-hop culture and graffiti art passed away on Wednesday morning at 3 am from heart failure. The artists collapsed at his brother’s home and was rushed to the hospital.
Iz The Wiz is without question one of New York City’s most prolific writers of all time. He holds the title of the All time All City King of New York City Subways, and only one person holds that prestigious honor. In aka Kill 3 is credited with the most extensive all-city bomb in NYC during 1975 and 76, but Iz was the longest reigning all-city king in NYC history, taking the title many times throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Iz was well known for his throw-ups in the mid 1970s on the IND and BMT subway divisions. In the late 1970s he broadened his focus by working on top-to-bottoms, burners and scenery whole cars on the prestigious 2 and 5 lines of the IRT subway division. During this period he simultaneously maintained all-city throw-up king status. He painted for a variety of top level crews. He has served as president of The Master Blasters and the Queens division of Prisoners Of Graffiti. He has also painted for The Odd Partners, The Crew, The Three Yard Boys and others too numerous to mention. Iz appeared in the documentary film Style Wars and portrayed a transit police detective in the film Wild Style. His work has been displayed in museums and galleries throughout the world. Iz played a major role in the development of writing and provided inspiration for every generation of writer that exists.
Hailing from Queens Iz took over the city subway system line by line. During his career, there was a time when he was doing at least 100 throw-ups every night, for an entire year. The dedication and love for writing is apparent in all of his works, from the burners on the trains, to the sketches on paper, and the canvases that capture the essence of writing, Iz often drops little side notes next to his the pieces, a little message that takes a minute to sink in and when it does, you always get a grin. Iz is also known for his epic role played in the film Style Wars. His witty remarks remain some of the most quoted words and phrases in the writing lexicon. When just the words you have said 20 years ago are recognized and used in current conversations, you have successfully made your mark in the world. In the film Iz was asked “when will you stop”, and he replied “will come back every now and then to let people know I am still around.” The true beauty is the fact that he never left and continues to bless the people with gems that capture the essence of what graffiti writing all about.

Kebetulan !

2 days ago i was accidently meet upnix at material store, he's not alone he's with Orkibal from KL Malaysia. And we talk and decide to paint together at maranatha at night. The pic was stolen from Noah camera.
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From left to right : Demn, Noah, Kumkum, Bedlam, Chezt It Out, Racht4, gth, Upnix, Tell Them, Orkibal.

Edor The Wallrus

My man Spydee/Stereo(FAB Family,Tag Team) did his character in police post in Bandung, really love his character, She called Edor. Check his blog 

Bu + Sy = Latest

Yes, FAB FAMILY are busy preapring artwork for our first solo exhibition,yay !

Urban legend graffiti mural actually found in NYC

One of the most exciting discoveries since  the wall drawings of ancient cavemen… A testament to the humble beginnings of graffiti art and the level of pertinence to which the genre has risen.  

Rumors of graffiti murals hidden in historic buildings throughout New York have been floating about the streets for years. Finally, after many years one of the ‘rumored to be’ relics has surfaced. Matthew Namer, inhabitant of a SoHo loft turned apartment, let his curiosity get the best of him one day and peeped behind a cabinet to discover what could be considered one of the most impressive graffiti murals from the era of the greats. 

Futura 2000, Freddy 5 and even Basquiat himself, contributed to this piece of history which is now being preserved as record of the permanent shift in perception of graffiti from eye sore to fine art. 

Photo from Associated Press

Read more HERE

Banksy Summer Show

It would appear that the Banksy show will take place at Bristol’s City Museum on Queen’s Road, with private viewing on 12th June and public viewing on 13th June from 10am. Although there is no official mention on their website, it is stated that the museum is closed on the 11th and 12th June, which is usual and probably means they are setting up.It’s entitled ‘Banksy vs Bristol Museum’ and will feature more than 100 pieces, 70 of them new works. The show, which only a hand full of Museum officials knew about, has taken months to plan. Museum director Kate Brindley was relieved to finally be able to talk about the exhibition after months of secrecy. Even Bristol City Council chiefs were kept in the dark until the day before it opened.

Live long and prosper

Let's get back to 3 years ago when i was still with my crew called Pround. Ogam was contacted me and tell me there was a graff jam in Pondok Indah, There was Toter, ICE crew, Nsane, Wev2K,Artcoholic, Morden. So without any second doubt i called my crew and start the engine to Jakarta for the Jam
Pround Crew was Cheztwo, Yurra, Kautsar/Drips,Benz
After we done and have really nice afternoon me with my crew go straight to Bandung. And then this is what i do 3 years later
This time i arrived at Jakarta at 10AM and finished my piece at 12, I did the same color flow at the same wall that we did 3 years ago but this time i doesn't go straight to Bandung. Now the wall was fucked up i know my piece won't stay long in there, but fuck it.

SC for Strange Coalition

I recently watching TV during President campaign season, coalition this coalition that. Some of them are just not fit to matches,lol. But even they're not match one another they have same goal

Something Fo Yer Neck

Just bored with stuff, all i can do was draw draw and draw and then some friend offering me something. yea something different than usual yea why not. This is Chezt It Out made with acrylic, but i don't want to wear it because it's to big you know. And i tot the depth was bold but it's not, it's only 3cm. But f@k it, it still looks good and it's black and white.

East Asian Revolution

Sick song and great concept of East Asian Revolution.Project E.A.R. (East Asian Revolution) is a collective of like-minded musicians from Southeast Asia who had taken the opportunity to showcase their very first collaboration on MTV. Their debut performance at the MTV Asia Awards will feature a medley of songs performed in five different languages from the region (Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, English, Tagalog and Thai), fusing various genres of music. The super group is made up of members from Ahli Fiqir (Singapore), Pop Shuvit (Malaysia), Saint Loco (Indonesia), Slapshock (Philippines), Silksounds (Thailand) and Thaitanium (Thailand).
Well i just hope graffiti in East Asian would be just like this Project E.A.R you know, Different countries, different language, different community but have the same passion for graffiti. It so difficult for Indonesian to go outside the country because the system won't let us go outside the country cheap. Shake a.k.a Tag 02 is successfully bring the scene to the next level and yes he's also represent FAB Family to the world. You should understand what I'm trying to say, we have to bring Indonesia and the whole Asian to unite, started with Southeast Asia
Cheztwo (FAB FAMILY) x ZNC (Singapore)
Zany13 (Mase,RHK) represent in Just Writing My Name Event In Thailand
Ashtwo X Locase (Singapore)
 And also shout to all Indonesian writer who has been one of international connection !

Tie was shot !

Exactly 11 years ago Tie was announced dead because robery, the fact is Jonathan See Lim, was murdered in the Tenderloin of San Francisco on Turk and Taylor. A man named William Porter shot him in the back of his head while Tie was begining to climb a rooftop to pain. Of cource the SF police covered it up as a robbery and our 18 year old little buddies death went unvindicated.

Fuck that piece of shit William Porter! I hope he is dying in his own fecies, covered in cancerous tumors. Fuck his life and everyone he knows. Karma has a wicked way of playing itself out to those who cause so much pain.

God Bless the memory of our friend Tie/Seo-Jonathan See Lim.

Enjoy The Holiday

In the NY Times’ latest audio feature, One in 8 Million, the showcase features Alife Rivington Club’s Jesse Villaneuva. A series of captivating photos alongside his own recollection sets the tone for his personal habits and how it affects his everyday life as well as the lengths sneakerhead will go to around the area.
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Also y'all got to watch this
Passion Pit - The Reeling

One Village One Playground

A couple weeks ago FAB FAMILY and Bandung Street Artist do some collaboration project for One Village One Playground Event by Urbane Community, supported by Bakrieland. There's so much wall at there and we did it a whole day from morning till dawn nice to work with you guys.Shout to Upnix, Cikcuk, Tellthem, Astronautboys, Urbane and Wadezig for the love.

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