Finale HOLIDAY !! so much stress this week with all the things, and today FAB was made Black Christmas Production with the others writers also, too bad Tzar,Older,and Spydee can't come .

FAB Saturday Bombing is back !! Although there's a rain all day long we made it. Shout to Spydee, Pope and Tzar who can't make it.

Review for Indonesia - Japan Expo 2008 Jakarta, pics taken from Arks
yup, that's my canvas. It's really fucked up! I'm doin it overnight and i got fever :( , i wish i had more time to do it, but i've try my best to made it.
Woah finally i can make it, i was planning to make this along time. Now i have some time to make it, just click the button and it will direct you to zshare to download it. enjoy !

A Friendly weather at noon in somerset sk8 park Singapore, I just arrived from airport and Clogtwo called me and said " let's do it today" well to be honest i'm very tired but f**k it lah, let's do the Halloween Production !
I'll posted the whole wall soon they sent me email ! Chezt It Out !
Catch up next updates !!

Remember the Nike graffiti contest ? yea i won the 2nd place and i just remember that my other design was also put in the exhibition. These was 5 optional design for that contest.

Junior Marvin - Police and Thieves
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin.

Melbourne !!! Just read it, and i'm so pissed off coz i'm not there :(

Like i was said, there's 3 spot with diffrent theme for the production, so here it is !
Stupkid And Tag02,Teroris.
I.C.E Crew ( Racht4 and Older+),Narkoba
Cheztwo,Indysix And Spydee, KorupsiCash rules everything around me, dolla dala bill y'all !!

Still remember Pround Crew vs Start Crew ? Back at 2006 when i still runnin with Yurra and Drips, Some wise man says "If you want to make graffiti you must do it on the street". So we found this spot and do it like it used to. But unlucky for us after we finished, the police showed up and chase us like a criminal, BUSTED !! LOL.
And what a irony, 2 years later, Pround Crew is dead and i'm with my new family FAB.Those wall are fucked up !! no one dare to do pieces only gangs tag, and some toys scribling, fuck !! Tell you this kids, if you want to gain some respect you must do it more than good, and what you did is not good enough, there's no use to ass lickin couse that will not gain your skill !! So FAB FAMILY is make a deal with Indonesian's Interpol, To make murals in Bandung ! There's 3 spots where you can find our productions :
It's all done but i don't have pic of it, so stick around to find out FAB x Indonesian's Interpol.

Yay !! I got my DEBILZ !! Debilz is a character from my favourite graffiti artist "Mist". This sclupture is his collaboration with Kidrobot,10 to go !!
Wish i can finish at least one of these canvas this week, stay tuned !
Your friendly neighbourhood Cheztwo are interviewed by Heiho Bandung Street Fashion. You can download it here! or go to their website .
Be There ! Drawing on White Vans Slip On with markers and some acrylics.

Digital Collaboration with Astronautboys

What a weekend, Traffic Jam's everywhere, but jangan sedih. Cheztwo is perform in Segarra for Urbanfest 2008. Here's some flix. Markers on canvases. Above is my artwork for the exhibition. Markers and Acrylic on 40 x 60 Canvas So much love for NAME2 for the puppies. CHEZT IT OUT !
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