Back to Bandung after FGD Expo,FAB assembled again at Bandung's "Kick Fest", Photos below are taken by my friends,enjoy.

FGD Expo 2007,Rocks !!

FGDexpo2007 DAN 25 Graffiti Writers will bomb over 135 Meters TYVEX only on FGDexpo 2007 Friday, August 10,2007 4 PM
Come get some !

FridayLeaving Bandung on Friday with older and my girlfriend. As i arrive in Jakarta,I'm going to Older house in Cipete.After that we're going to Citos to meet Cabi and the others.
Today I'm searching for caps with Cabi and Older. Jakarta was very hot that time,we've searching around the store and result is zero. All caps in Jakarta was sold out,but we finally got it in Distro called "Medium" i forget where is it
The graffiti on the billboard is made by Artcoholic,dammit they're so fucking crazy doing that on it ! and this governor campaign is make me laugh..hahaha "VOTE THE MUSTACHE" Bigger Saturday bombing with Cabi,Wormo,and Older. Companied by SAMers,Age,Eunice,Thems,KD,Curut,and Anak Kampung Situ. Sunday Today is the end of the trip,I'm going to Taman Ria Senayan For The Swap Meet
Didn't took much photos but the event is good,meet Darbotz,Randy,Adi,Kims,Rudy Cahyadi :=p,Age,Eunice,Ae,Syahan,Dasa,Antho,Adit,Netic,Remo,Jehan.

Character Party Bigger
Dedicated to "Tenager"(without double E,can be means Energy(tenaga).Tenager is name of Pope haters. So cheers up Tenager.hahaha

Holidaay.instead of bombing..i decided to hang out with my friends to goin to dufan,these are sum pics from my fisheye2.
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