Pikiran Rakyat

What on the media today ? Not much, just some article about FAB Family on Pikiran Rakyat. Click read more..

They Called It Lizard's Ruin

So the weather in Bandung isn't good enough for painting , so it takes 2 session to finished this piece. The spot is called Runtuhan Kadal (Lizard's Ruin) it's around you but you don't see it. Click read more for more pics


Introducing my new clothing line for kids BAZOO. Good basic styles are important in kid's wardrobe, but BAZOO offers more than just basics. It is for fun, active, and edgy kids with street wear style tshirts to awesome dressed up shirts. Click here for the lookbook.

The Battlefield

Chillin the day with ZNC mates, got a chance to paint at blackbook using Zenith Cans. Click read more for more photos....
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