A Mess

The guys at the Flow Like You Know asking me to do another video promo for their new collection, click read more to check out the video !

Stay Calm

"Keep Bombing And Stay Gold"
Another word to say "shut the fuck up and do the shit" since peoples busy labeling what graffiti scene really means. Send me an email if you want this print.

The Hundredth

Finally the hundredth pieces was bombed ! Well i'm not really on counting but that means a lot for my graffiti journey so far. This time again in Somerset skate park with Nsane5 of Mase Crew ! click read more for more photos...

Thanks MCA

Rest In Peace Adam MCA Yauch 

Magical Future

Long time no doin' graffiti video from FAB, this time i offer you a graffiti video with different sound, you know since people got this thing too seriously ! The video taken from Free ! Magz anniversary event in Fairground ex Bengkel night park Jakarta. Props to Wadezig and Free !

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