Malaysia Graff And Unite Recap 1

District Shop-Gallery's Malaysia made some graffiti jam called Graff And Unite, Click read more for more photos.
All photos are taken from Sopey's album .

I Used To Talk With

Black Book Session 1

Suddenly it comes to my head that i must make something routine for my blog . So here it is "Black Book Session" , It contains sketch from me and my friends on my black book. The first session is came from me and Skeed. As you know me and Skeed are members of FAB Family and Zinc Nite Crew, Click read more to see the book.
Cheztwo " Chezt It Out "x Skeed, pencil on paper

Exit Through The Gift Shop - A Banksy Film Trailer

The sub title said " The World's First Street Art Disaster Movie " yup Banksy he did it again, This is the guy who inspired me to do graffiti till today. Can't wait too see the movie soon .

Quality Control 3

Like i was posted earlier i helped my friend at to shot the new limited tee shirt who collaborate with District Malaysia. Click read more for more photos (photos are courtesy of

Another Sneak

Ye yall i'm kinda don't having nothing to do today, i have a 2 month free and i'm trying to be more productive. My favorite media beside canvas and wall is sneakers. Maybe i'm gonna post about me and sneakers later, but for now click read more for more photos.

Quality Control 2

Visit Dripsndrops for more information

Where's Your Head At ?

This is one of Skeed surrealist on the street and click read more !
This are Skeed surrealist that get buffed in the street lately, ok you got your right to beef but please mang used some brain ! We all know that graffiti scene in Bandung is not supportive neither the peoples or the walls and when we trying to get people attention by doing some great works of art you draw a big fckn dick on it !!! FUCK YOU IGNORANT LOWLIFE FREELOADER ASSLICKING!! YOU AIN'T NEVER GETTING UP IN THIS SCENE YOU FOOL!!!

Quality Control 1

Just back from doing some throw ups and photo session for Dripsndrops new product, better get your moneys ready ! Pics will coming out soon .

M.U.T.E on the street

Rawksss....less talk more action, Bandung you better watch out !


Hello y'all happy new year, been enjoyed my vacation lately and i finally got a chance to paint a production with my mate NETIC9 of MASE Crew. It's not done yet because we got plenty things to do beside finishing the wall and i can't stand not to posted it haha... click read more for jump !

South East A

What can be cooler than this ? Southeast Asia unite !!

V for vacation

Last week finally i had a chance to go vacation, well not far i'm visiting Central Java and i stopped by at Wonosobo. Awesome places, click read more for photos
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