Whatthefuck !!

Hei..Someone stole my pics from this blogs and add to his "FRIENDSTER"photos and declared that is his work.hihi...Very funny.
For everyone who want to use my artwork from this blog or from wherever, Please ask for my permission first. Thanks.
Ps: To anyone who want to see his profile or add him as your friends just click www.friendster.com/20156423

Jakarta Trip

Last week i have a trip to Jakarta and do some graffiti session with writers there. Thanks guys for the place. 
(collab with Ogam)
"Heaven Spot ??"
Wtf is this?? haha it's a sketch from Older for my blackbook,thx man.
(The Pieces Coming Soon)
The next session is in bintaro with Graver,Ogam and Mumu.
"uuh...ooh..is that so called Graver ??"
Actually, i want to do a throw up,but it come to simple piece,haha..enjoy.

Collaboration With Tzar

Another Piece From Dago Production

My friend Break13(S.A.M) come to Bandung, And we make some Piece on Dago with Mask Crew,Pope,Upnix,and Racht4.
quote of the day : "Salute Salute,Auo Salto"^_^ 
Imagine how high is it !
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