One Day

well where should i start, we have a guest from France his name is Xavier . And he's reppin' FATCAP (france) to take some photos and write some article of south east asia graffiti scene, and yea we got him companied, click read more for more pics
He got me explained why those bitch mother fucker ass fag hippie did those thing to my piece, ooh so rudee rudy .
And yea we shared a lot about cultures, musics, and off course the scene. What a day, hope we can meet again maybe in Paris, hopefully.


When i first started the thing i was chased by the cops, get arrested and had them pointed their gun on me (true story). Off course those won't stop me, click read more...
Sketchy sketch done and voila :
60 x 45 cm
contact me if you interested.

The Senator Of Funk

A Senator is a man who pointed by the people to represent the people, and in this case we need some funk in here, click read more for the process
of course there's no such thing in Indonesia as Senator in our government that's why i used western meeting room for the reference. yea you know i've done my research and things and rough sketches are done, and time to dee gee tall i zee 60.5 x 46 cm framed contact me if you interested

Boys and Roses

2 days workin on this production, Pope, Racht4 and 60 did a great job workin' on it.There's a lot of thing happened mostly stupid thing, enough saying enjoy the video.

Battle Royale In Bronx

Kings of New York - Vol 4.0 from Mikey Colón on Vimeo.

My all time favorite American writers are packed in the Bronx, awesome video !
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