This month i do less graffiti than usual, yea one and another things keeps coming up. And lately am spend my weekend at Jakarta and i got a chance to paint with Abang8 and Netic9 from MASE Crew. Thanks for the lovely day guys.

Bandung Represent ?

Racht4 represent FAB FAMILY at Galamedia Newspaper. The article came out at March 27, am proud to be part of the family but there's some parts that i don't agree with, personally. First the headline said "FAB Bandung", is there any FAB in this country ?No, i don't think so. We're not only fuck this small and cynical city but we've been travelled a lot and put the standards of our level. Am not muralist and maybe our works can be called "mural" but we're came from different background please respect that. We're from this city but the problem is no one respect us to be here, maybe this is the start for y'all haters to realize that y'all shouldn't made a label because what we are or where are we came from, peace. click here to read the full article

Black Book Session 2

Singapore is always fun, and i miss the town already. This part 2 session contains sketch from my crew mate Slac Satu, Clog02 and Sandman from ZNC. click read more !

Cherie Je Taime

Another ZNC member from Singapore ASNO,visited Bandung. And so on we did a jam at Dago wall next to ICE crew x Koma new production. Click read more !
And the letter's : Cheztwo, 60, Older+, Shake, ASNO, Argh.

The Mad Meal

Finally i'm able to spend the day to finished this video, and effin upload it (you don't know how fast the connection in this country). No necessary difficulty but it's kinda hard to find the right music track for the video because i was not there to direct, well it's a good shot anyway thanks to 60 and Sarah.

Mark The Spot

First of all i don't like this piece but i decided to post it because i love the flow. I was just gonna shoot video for FAB TV (spoiler alert! it was SHAKE new piece for DARE :p), but the spot was AWESOME ! i can't stand not to paint it, so i grab some leftover cans and mark the spot (click read more for more pics)

The Terror Wrist

Terrorwrist from electrocaïne on Vimeo.

Clogtwo (ZNC, PHBKLIK,DPT) is always STUNNING (but i don't like his beard :p) ! Check out his show HERE !

Here We Go We Go Stereoflow !

ABZTRACT has partnered up with their good friends at ROGUE STATUS to put on an amazing art show in Los Angeles on April 3rd. And guess what, Bandung’s very own STEREOFLOWof FABFAMILY is one of the featured artists. Now that’s what’s up! VIA Wadezig!

Rest In Piece DARE 1968 - 2010

Rest In Peace DARE

It is a great lost for today's graffiti scene, Sigi Von Koeding as known as Dare has left this life in a battle with cancer, Dare died at a hospital in Basel, Switzerland the evening of March 6th 2010.(click Read More)
we will miss you DARE, thank's for all you have done in graffiti !


I was visiting Spydee's at his new workspace for The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent barber shop and i meet new friend. Say hi to BATMAN

Who run it ?

Then who? i don't know :p Location: Braga Street, Bandung Indonesia
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