Great Escape

it's been really a tough month for me, so booked a flight to Singapore to escape from this all of my routine. Sad to say i didn't go painting but those weekend are super fun. Lucky for me there's an showcase from Slacsatu and Clog2 from my crew ZNC. Well enough saying click read more for more pictures.
Apparently I'm included in these gig . Sandman or Tahweman ?
" Ambush the store and just Surrender by the price "
Slacsatu and Clog2 (ZNC) Showcase, Best !

Peek a Sneak


Watchout !

Well after a long break, I'm finally back ! This time i got another collaboration with local Police, Making a Anti Violance Campaign with my man Older+. Click Read More to watch the video.

Beyond Graffiti

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Casual Diary

Some of you maybe know my other blog and for those who didn't know i have a blog about my graphic design works and my lifestyle. And this time i made a podcast for the blog and you can hear it streaming or just download it, it's free !
Cheztitout The Casual Diary
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