The Royal Highness

The Royal Highness has arrived, no it not from the royal family the title came from the people who worship the scene. Of course the haters can't take it because they can't reach the title on their way, so they have to do the things to get attention . But we don't need it we are far beyond those haters scene and that is why people call it The Royal Highness and yes we run this city. (click more for photos)
FAB FAMILY Munny at Munny Custom Show

A Dark Day

An evening at the basement Pope get beaten up by a Maserati, click read more for more photos
meanwhile Pope is dead the undead couple Stereo and Astronaut Boys get companied from DEMN and KOMA checkout the Stereoflow blog for more pics and yeah off course we live in the dark day at the basement so why don't we mark the territory .

FAB FAMILY At Walagri Radio

We got interviewed at Walagri radio, after party all night long ! haha.. it's crazy these month are crazy busy fucking day with the family. click read more for more pic
Well the interview goes well , lot of question about us, when do we meet, what achievement we got, and about our upcoming exhibition. thanks Walagri for the opportunity.

The Good Ol' Days

After the exhibition at Barli's Museum we still have another show at Envy Bar. Yeah that's a hip hop show called The Good Ol' Days featuring FAB FAMILY for the installation and album launching of our mate Sugarahh ! which is the cover and all packaging is done by Indy/60 and the producer of the album is Stereoflow's and Boogie Banditz's . Enough chit chat click read more for more photos

Mereka Tidak Sendiri Exhibition Part 2

This part 2 contains all the works from FAB FAMILY, click read more for it !

Mereka Tidak Sendiri Exhibition Part 1

It's been a rough month for me and FAB Family preparing the artworks. Not only for this event, this is just one of our events for December. The event was nice although the dj's lame ( i mean suck ) i really feel the vibe at the opening, there's a live acoustic music and then BAM! the dj's ruined it all. Meanwhile enjoy the photos by click read more.
you can visit or theyellowdino web site for more photos.
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