ZNC Undisputed Graff Jam (After Party)

Before i show you the graff jam party, i wanna show you how wild the after party was ! The whole crew from different country gather in a one place having a wild night ! The pics are all taken from Dbl O . click read more for more photos !
Zinc Nite Crew Undisputed ! Unite !

Hot As Ice Video

Free Magz #19

Me and the boys got a chance to be featured in Free ! Magazine Against Mainstream Issue. Thanks to Michael Timothy for the photo . Click read more for more pics !

Break The Pieces Video

Break The Pieces

Another collaboration with the boys, we decided to make our style into one massive wild style pieces, click read more for photos !
Cheztwo x Racht4 x Shake
(Click the picture to enlarge)

Wild Life

Spending the day with the boys, diggin up the new style. Not satisfied yet with the result, but the guys did it great ! click read more for the result .

Rainy Day

My friend Abang8 (Mase Crew) was visiting Bandung. Tough rain keep coming hard all day, but they just can't stop us. Click read more for full productions
Shake, Abang, Cheztwo

Bomb The Van

View more pics at YELLOW DINO's Website

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