Acrylics and marker on 15x15 canvases.

Chillin in Tutu house, doin pieces for Djarum Black Urban Art 2008. The others is Tatang from Jogjakarta, Balbol from Surabaya, and CeFine from Jakarta. They started on the day before i arrived.
R ye Ready kids?! it's C..c..c..CHEZT IT OUT!!

Back again yo, FAB FAMILY Production !
Large Version Shake,Cheztwo,Racht4,Indy6,Stereo
Chezt It OUT !

FAB and Phobia Klik KL FAB and Phobia Klik on Should I Hate Architecture ? Event in UNPAR. Phobia just arrive from KL, so we bring him to the event to have a piece. Unfortunately, they not give us much cans for bombing the wall. ....Djarum Black Urban Art 2008 BANDUNG !! M.A.L.I and DYELive performance by Pope and Tag02 (FAB,Thugz,Tag Team) FAB Family on Djarum Black Urban Art 2008 !
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