Wall Lords 2012 Final Battle Live !

Eventho Indonesia not participate this year and i heard this is the last Wall Lords, You still can watch it live on their website on 9th December, don't miss it ! click here.

Just Writing My Name Indonesia 2012 at Red Wall

a very nice weather for Just Writing My Name Indonesia graffiti session, met a lot of friends and some new peoples. Thanks to Drips N Drops for making it happened. Click read more for photos & video who made by TUTU for the event...

Just Writing My Name Indonesia 2012

 Another international event is gonna held in Indonesia by Drips N Drops ! This time it's the famous Just Writing My Name graffiti jam sponsored by Montana Cans Germany. Click read more for the line up and date !

2 Years Ago

2 years has passed after ZNC Undisputed Jam 2010, But sadly there's no enough footage of the full wall specially for FAB Family. So i decided to post pre-full wall of the undisputed jam, Me, Stereoflow, Shake & Racht4. Click read more..

DND Stay Gold

Aite no bullshit straight outta Germany ! check out the store rigtht now ! Click here !


Ayoow ! Got some updates from Wadezig for FAB Families, taken at BDG RAP DOC launching. Great stuff from Wadezig and awesome gigs as well,Click read more for more photos !

Fat Lip

Street Dealin

Bring your cash for unexpected items

BAZOO Powered By LocalBrand

Bazoo place their 1st collection flag on LocalBrand, go visit them and buy for your little one ! Don't forget to subscribe your e-mail at Bazoo !

Sorge Magazine #7: Reclaim The Streets

Here's a half an hour of video presentation by Sorge Magz about the infamous FAB Family, featuring Shake, Racht4, Stereoflow and our friend Ucok as known as Morgue Vanguard of Homicide. Click read more to watch....

Go Big & Go Home

Spent a night with my boys while in Bandung, covering up half of flyover's walls.

A Mess

The guys at the Flow Like You Know asking me to do another video promo for their new collection, click read more to check out the video !

Stay Calm

"Keep Bombing And Stay Gold"
Another word to say "shut the fuck up and do the shit" since peoples busy labeling what graffiti scene really means. Send me an email if you want this print.

The Hundredth

Finally the hundredth pieces was bombed ! Well i'm not really on counting but that means a lot for my graffiti journey so far. This time again in Somerset skate park with Nsane5 of Mase Crew ! click read more for more photos...

Thanks MCA

Rest In Peace Adam MCA Yauch 

Magical Future

Long time no doin' graffiti video from FAB, this time i offer you a graffiti video with different sound, you know since people got this thing too seriously ! The video taken from Free ! Magz anniversary event in Fairground ex Bengkel night park Jakarta. Props to Wadezig and Free !

Jakarta Globe

A wonderful writing from Jakarta Globe for FAB Family, go check the article here !


Live long, stay gold and prosper !


Drips N Drops new product is out ! check the webstore now ! click read more for more photos by RACHT4

Graffiti In 66

Some kids may not know that Indonesia in 60's was quite horror, even Soekarno calls it  vivere pericoloso (the year of living dangerously). Graffiti back then used for protesting the Communist society.

Magical Future

It's the Free! magz 10th anniversary and there will be live painting by F.A.B Family and awesomes music performance and dj's ! It's a free event but you need to get your pass here  if you want to join the party.

Taiwan Hug Service

My man Tutu and Abang8 from Mase Crew representing Indonesia at Wall Lords Final 2012 in Taipei, these are their video recap from last year battle.

Kul Sign 2012

This is the second year of Kul Sign Festival in Kuala Lumpur, lots of Southeast Asian writers come to join the party including my crew ZNC, and off course the FAB own writers SHAKE and RACHT4. And just like the previous festival they have a awesome guest foreigner artist like JABA and Mr.Wany. Click read more for more photos....

Gold Bath

Click read more to get wet...


Mock (12PM) asked me to exchange sketches, this guy been quite impressive with all of his pieces lately and i like his works so why not. click read more for the sketches..


(artwork by Skeed)
What a sad sad news today, one of graffiti pioneer in Indonesia and also a friend of mine ARKS4/ANSWER136. Always had a great time with him click read more to remember him with me..

Pikiran Rakyat

What on the media today ? Not much, just some article about FAB Family on Pikiran Rakyat. Click read more..

They Called It Lizard's Ruin

So the weather in Bandung isn't good enough for painting , so it takes 2 session to finished this piece. The spot is called Runtuhan Kadal (Lizard's Ruin) it's around you but you don't see it. Click read more for more pics


Introducing my new clothing line for kids BAZOO. Good basic styles are important in kid's wardrobe, but BAZOO offers more than just basics. It is for fun, active, and edgy kids with street wear style tshirts to awesome dressed up shirts. Click here for the lookbook.

The Battlefield

Chillin the day with ZNC mates, got a chance to paint at blackbook using Zenith Cans. Click read more for more photos....
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