FAB Family and Wadezig did it again, this time they gone out to the Karawang city companied by MBC crew to paint on a freight train. click read more for more pics


My man RACHT 4 just launched his website, go check out his web to see his latest works. Click here

The Saints

Sirum1 is one of my favorite graffiti writers, and finally i got a chance to paint with him on a legal wall at St. Kilda beach. Lots of peoples walk through the neighborhood stopped to watched us painted the wall. Click read more for video and photos.

Kosmopolite Art Tour 2011


Check out latest video from NSANE5 about his activity with other Indonesian graffiti artist in Kosmopolite Art Tour 2011 France.

Final Round

As you noticed the Indonesian rep is from MASE crew, hope things go well and dammit i'm proud no matter what happened ! good luck guys !

Bomb Track

It's been a long time since our last wall together, FAB Family's is back ! This time the team who brought you Alice In The Atlantis (2010), Shake, Skeed, Racht4 and Cheztwo bomb a big wall in the skate park. This was our latest project teamed up with Skinny Think and using Ironlak as the weapon of choice. Click read more for photos

Somewhere In The Afternoon

You guys probably already found our spot in Dago, well it was a nice place to paint until some toys came and messed the place up. 

Ring of Fire Surabaya

Ring of Fire 2011 finale, the last city Surabaya featuring YZRL and MENAW.

Ring Of Fire Jogjakarta

Bondi Shore Dump

Since i was in Melbourne, i was thinking why not take a flight to Sydney to meet up with Swaze of ZNC. So then i was taking a trip to Sydney for 3 days, unfortunately my friend is busy with his work and i have to paint by myself. Click read more for more pic...

Zenith Cans

Wall Street Art 2010

Just got the pdf copy of the book, funny thing is i found my works on it and they not even mention my name, click read more for more pics...

Ring Of Fire Bandung

Ring of fire Bandung by FAB FAMILY (Older+ , Racht4, Shake). Check out Drips N Drops for more pics !


 GLUED an event held by gardu house who's exhibited stickers from unknown to well known peoples who choose the street as their playground. Click read more for more pics..

I Write..

This is the second Chezt It Out's t shirt that i made, click read more for more photos and how to order the t shirt.

Ring Of Fire: Jakarta

What's good about indo graffiti scene lately ? Ironlak is burned down the walls ! Check out Dripsndrops for more pics.

Free Your Soul

Painting at Free Your Soul an event held by Yamaha in Gasibu Bandung. The weather is very hot at that time, makes me can't concentrate doing my pieces. Click read more for more pics 

Rutledge Lane

Rutledge lane or Hosier lane is one of graffiti paradise in Melbourne, many graffiti writers and street artist who visited Melbourne painted here. Here i want to share with you some pics of the lane, click read more.

Far Out Mate !

After my trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, i continued my journey across the continent to Melbourne city. Lovely city, very great environment to get inspiration and do some art and designing stuff. I met Abang from MASE Crew who now studied there and we paint together in the city. Click read more for more pics...


FAB Family contributing their artworks on Antisixteen event in Jakarta. Two artworks are submitted one titled Rey Sin Una Corona & one titled Samsara by Astronautboys. Click read more for more pics

Asno // S13 of ZNC

Walls by Asno and S13 of ZNC Singapore, this one is kick ass !


My man Older+ (FAB,ZNC) just launched his new website's, check it out at Olderplus.com


Burn Doo Wop (That Thing)

 Back to my home town after awhile, got chance to paint with Skeed and Iemz to do a production. The weather quite friendly for a day, but the next day it just get worse. But yea there's nothing can stop us to burn the city ! And if you noticing the picture above i'm holding Ironlak cans, now y'all can get it from DRIPSNDROPS ! click read more for more photos..

KL City 2011

KL City

 After Singapore i move forward to another trip to Kuala lumpur. This is the first time in my life that i stepped my feet on Kuala Lumpur, been to Sarawak before but not much to do. Visiting other member of ZNC family, PHBKLIK Family and spent some time to chill at their store District. Click read more for more pics..

Hats Off !

Me and the boys are invited to join exhibition held by Evolution Holdings in Hongkong. “Hats Off” is a creative way to showcase and bring international artistic talent to Hong Kong. By using hats as a canvas for artwork the exhibition itself bring together 78 artists from 15 countries for. Click read more for more pics

Sofles: Fragments Of Consciousness

Got a chance to visit Sofles solo exhibition in Melbourne and also talking about his works and accomplishment so far, friendly guy and also awesome talented writer i ever knew. Click read more for more pics..

Ring Of Fire

Massive burning pieces will be serve ! Check here to know the reason we choose ring of fire as the title.

Lion City 2011

Burn Koma

Spend the day with KOMA (Artcoholic) to do some quick piece-ing, click read more for more photos...

Cyber Park

Click read more for more pics


Visiting Pope and Older in Jakarta, we kinda addicted to a game called Empires & Allies and decided to paint it down on the street, click read more for pics...

Garuda Takeover

A group of friends came from Singapore to Bandung for painting, click read more for more pic..

Bomb Bag

FAB FAMILY travelling bag now available ! check it out here

Singapore 2011

Got a chance to visited Singapore and do a painting with Slac Satu of ZNC, ZNC unite ! click read more...

Red Core

Joining some wall with Abang8 and Tutu from Mase Crew, doin some new sketches and flow. it was a great day click read more for more pics

Wall Lords Indonesia 2011 Photos

Some photos of Wall Lords Indonesia 2011 by Astronautboys, click read more..

Wall Lords Indonesia 2011 Video

BDG Skateboarding Day

Wall Lords 2011 (Rescheduled)

The biggest graffiti contest in Asia for the second time held in Bandung. You don't wanna miss this ! check out Drips N Drops for more info


The Leftover

Got some leftover cans and kinda runnin' out of black and other dark colors for outline. I decided to do some pieces with it, not bad tho. click read more..

Hell On The Wall Photos

You saw the action, now enjoy the hell ! it's burn !! click read more..

Flow Like You Know

I'm helping out my friends from FLYK to make some promo videos, chezt it out !

Red White

Got some free time to paint in Bandung, found this cool spot to paint. It was raining all day and i got company from IEMZ and SKEED who also painting on the other wall. Click read more for more pic ...

Hell On The Wall

Sixteen Denim Scale will launch a collaboration product with Anti Sweden, and they asked us do a campaign related to it.HELL ON THE WALL is the name of the project by FAB Family who associated with Anti Sweden runaway called FASHION WEEK IN HELL!


In Vain

Fly Me To The Moon

When you open up some conversation about what you doin', like graffiti, a common question like "so where have you been painting ?". It's boring to answer all those same bullshit question, you probably don't believe that i was gone to the moon just to painted it.

Remastering The Crown

Pop What

Last year we workin' on a tv commercial project for Pop Mie. This is our first time workin' with professional agency's and peoples for tv's. click read more for more pics...

No Boundaries Video

Singapore 2010

This is the FAB Family version of our trip to Singapore last year. Miss the guys already, hope we can jam again this year.Watch the official video at previous post

ZNC Undisputed Video

ZNC Undisputed Jam official video by Clogtwo


Got a chance to visit Singapore with Shake,Stereoflow and Racht4 to painted at ZNC Undisputed Jam event. Click read more for more pic...
Can't say how much excited i'm, this is the legendary event of all time that we've been waiting for. Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia are painting in same wall. Hope there's gonna be another jam these year and it's gonna be the whole world wide crew members of ZNC !
We should be leaving home on Saturday which is where the party started, but God has his on way to canceled our flight. So we party hard down there as seen at the earlier post
Thanks for the Singaporean for the hospitality and specially Zinc Nite Crew !! ZNC Unite !
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