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Sketch It Out Video

A stop motion video using my laptop camera (that explain the angle), Click read more for videos and photos


Argh from HSB, ZNC did a production with Dash9 and Sixty. There's my name on it, love it ! ZNC Unite !

Grilled On Wall

My apologies to all cheztard customers, i forget to post this Full Action Burger piece. Well since i've mentioned it, Click read more for more photos.
I did these piece after Eid, when my friend NETIC9 (MASE Crew) visiting his family in Bandung. Thanks to M.U.T.E Crew for share wall with us.

Makan Nih !

Via ToXiK 'zine

Hip Hop Don't Stop !

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So my friend Katun and Bee from PHBKlik Malaysia are visiting Bandung, and we did some wall together. And why is Hip Hop ? Here's some story about it
So our friends in Singapore did a video called " We Are Not Hip Hop ", we don't know why they did that but we think is funny if we response to their theme. And yes so it is " Hip Hop Don't Stop !
Click the image to enlarge !
From left to right : Phobia - Cheztwo " Chezt It Out" - Skid - Katun - Racht4 - Pope - Stereo - Shake
Big shout to my crew in Singapore Zinc Nite Crew, peace !

Wadezig Monday Mix Vol1

Lately i've been asked to do some mixes for FAB Video and some people gimme a good response. Just like my favorite local brand WADEZIG. They asked me for some songs and hell yes ! thanks to Wadezig for the response and yes i love music, good music.
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This mixtape should’ve been uploaded and posted last Monday, two days ago, hence the name MondayMix, but for some reasons, it’s late. ha. Now what the hell is MondayMix? Well actually it’s just another mixtape, a selection of songs compiled into one album based on genre, mood, or whatever. Why Monday? because for me, personally, Monday is the toughest day of the week. you need more than just a kiss from a wife (or some hangover bitches from last night’s party, or whoever you find beside you when you wake up in the morning) in order to move your lazy ass off the bed and go to work. Or to school. You’ll need a good selection of songs to boost your mood to start the very first day of the week. So here comes the MondayMix, download it, put it on your iPod, and kick it. that’s the main idea. so will this mixtape be updated EVERY Monday? Maybe, but we’ll see, because sometimes you need more than just 7 days to dig 1 album. download this today, and you’ll be just fine at least for the next 2 weeks. Who made this mixtape? this Volume 1 was mixed by Cheztwo of FAB FAMILY. He did all the back sounds of FAB FAMILY videos. I dont know shit about music and its genre and all the bullshit, but i know whats good for my ears. and my ears say this guy did a good mix. For the next volume, i dont know but one thing for sure, we’ll serve you with the coolest mix from the coolest person all over the world, every Monday, once or twice a month. Whenever you need it. Ok enough with the blahblahblahs, find the link to download, and enjoy.(WADEZIG.COM)

Happy Mushy by Pinkgirlgowild

Ah yes, my friend from Jakarta did some exhibition for Lou Belle's opening,Pinkgirlgowild. Great artworks as usual, you go girl ! haha.
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All photos are from

Ciiiluk BAA

Fyi ciluk baa means peek a boo in here, i'm gonna make y'all so pissed off about our upcoming production with these stupid photos.

Studio Is A Mess

It's a fuckin shipwreck in my studio, stay tuned for new works. chezt it out !

The International Couples Enemy ( I.C.E Crew )

Check out the updates on FAB FAMILY'S Website

Lampung Don't Stop !

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Racht4, Edor, Skid, Cheztwo Bigger Size
Cheztwo x Skid
Shout out to my man Pope !

My First Hometown

Like y'all already heard before, me and FAB Family are invited to Bandar Lampung to do some performance. It was fun and yeah it was my first hometown. I was grown up in this city for 10 years. Click Read More for full coverage..
Y'all Can see more flick at Stereoflow

It's Fishchick!

After a long wait, finally FAB Family's fishing days are over. It turns out that the fish we caught was Astronautboys's Fishchick. Straight from Bandung, Astronautboys is a great artist with amazing skills and the most important part is he's a wonderful personality with great visions.
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Here's a short statement that Tyan made right after he joined FAB Family:
"Thanks guys, thanks for all the support. It's a big honor for me to join FAB Family. So let's make some graffiti! But to be more exact, let's do graffiti because graffiti is not just about making graffiti. It's all about doing graffiti"
Yes we totally agree! And it's an honor for us too! So here he is... Introducing the newest family member... Astronautboys.
Special thanks to Wadezig!

All Days Is Drawing And Surfing

Finally this video is done, actually we're all lazy to editing this production so sorry for the late videos. FAB FAMILY Adidas Production was shot in February 2009, The production takes 2 weeks because of rainy weather and some of us are busy. Well i'll just stop talking and let you enjoy the video. Chezt It Out !
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