Bienalle Jogja 2007
I forget to post about this event because there's no info from tembok bomber about this exhibition. This are submission from Tembok Bomber for Bienalle Exhibition in Jogjakarta.Pics are from Nsane5 Blogs chezt it out !

Sneaker Addicts Party @ Embassy Bandung
Fab family was invited to this event and we're surprised that our friends did have a chance to do workshop with leyp And after a week later Fab Family did a session together with leyp,upnix,amel,yona,etc. I didn't come for the session cause i was not in town for more pic chezt it out : Upnix Flickr's finally arrive from vienna,austria my kicks. One of my blogs visitor said i was post about HP teaser ? i dont understand what it means, i was post about this shoes payment from stil-laden. A couple of weeks ago NikeSB released the Air Trainer "Dawn of Dead" as a part of the Horror Pack, now they present the second sneaker of this pack. A High Dunk inspired by Jason Voorhees, the legendary character of John Carpenters "Friday 13th" a nice feature is the blood stain effect on the toe box and black and deep red colorway. Still on the run is the Dunk Low " Freddy Krueger".

Sneakers Addicts Embassy Bandung
C u guys tonight ! Chezt It out !

Yo,sorry for late update I've been so busy with all deadline things and event. huff is a busy month for me and FAB Family,but i hope this busy things is going more in next month so i can show y'all our latest works.
Let's start with Tupperware Event ! This is a graffiti competition held by Tupperware.
The registration is free and they give us free spray paint from TOP STAR. Damn it this is the worst spray can i ever use !
There's also jingle contest in this event and guess what, we registered and we called our beat box team "FAB-ERWARE"hahahahaha....and guess what? WE WIN !!! We won for the " Winner of Graffiti Competition !" by FAB, the runner up is GWAR a.k.a Ahx,and the third place is INDYSIX (FAB,SCM). And FAB-ERWARE is in first place for the jingle competition total we get Rp.1.750.000 !! Viva LA FAB FAMILIA ! Yup the next event is Cosmic shoes called INFAMOUS launching, Shake(FAB,Thugz,Tag Team) and Pope(FAB,Thugz,Bapetz) are customizing their shoes. There was live painting by Killer Gerbil from Singapore,FAB Family and Upnix from Mode 4. Just to remember that Upnix was a part of FAB Family. OH and there's also David NAIF bombin with us also ahha.... The crowd was good but the weather didn't ! The rain wont stop until the event is over so the official must reset the wall setting to cover it from rain ! The Killer Gerbil X FAB FAMILY (SHAKE,POPE,Older+) X Upnix X David NAIF
2 Days after the cosmic event we're did production in Terror Dome Left : Pope,Killer Gerbil,Shake Right : Cheztwo,Older+,Stereo,Upnix. Yep that's a wrap for the update, so make sure you guys CHEZT IT OUT ! this blogs occasionally.Peace out !

Man... i can wait for my new kicks arrive ahaha..chezt it out yo !
Whoaaa...who's dat? Mike Jones ? naah...that's chezt it out !
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