Huff...thanks G i've finished all tasks on college,been a long time since my last bombing. Damn, i'm really want to make some pieces on the street, well just wait and see than haha.. Here's some works i've done in the meantime, hope y'all enjoy it Done with Illustrator CS2. titled :"She's My Universe" made for my campus exhibition. Illustrator and Photoshop Title : "It's The Motherfuckin Chezt It Out Motherfucker !" These are some stories about these artworks, so some peeps lookin at my stickers and they just like try to mock me with read it like " chesyut? cisut?" haha LOL. Ilustrator Cs2 Title : "Lines and Colors" Illustrator Cs2 Title : " Chezt it Out Loud !" Did it for my best friend birthday, she's lived in singapore. *captions are below the artworks.
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