East Asian Revolution

Sick song and great concept of East Asian Revolution.Project E.A.R. (East Asian Revolution) is a collective of like-minded musicians from Southeast Asia who had taken the opportunity to showcase their very first collaboration on MTV. Their debut performance at the MTV Asia Awards will feature a medley of songs performed in five different languages from the region (Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, English, Tagalog and Thai), fusing various genres of music. The super group is made up of members from Ahli Fiqir (Singapore), Pop Shuvit (Malaysia), Saint Loco (Indonesia), Slapshock (Philippines), Silksounds (Thailand) and Thaitanium (Thailand).
Well i just hope graffiti in East Asian would be just like this Project E.A.R you know, Different countries, different language, different community but have the same passion for graffiti. It so difficult for Indonesian to go outside the country because the system won't let us go outside the country cheap. Shake a.k.a Tag 02 is successfully bring the scene to the next level and yes he's also represent FAB Family to the world. You should understand what I'm trying to say, we have to bring Indonesia and the whole Asian to unite, started with Southeast Asia
Cheztwo (FAB FAMILY) x ZNC (Singapore)
Zany13 (Mase,RHK) represent in Just Writing My Name Event In Thailand
Ashtwo X Locase (Singapore)
 And also shout to all Indonesian writer who has been one of international connection !
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