Cheztwo is rep ZincNite Crew ( ZNC )

ZincNite Crew rockin it since 1998

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Gor x BIGM (London)

ZINCNITE CREW was founded by slacsatu and monk back in 1998 when graffiti in singapore was just starting to get up.Inspired by dirty handz,the crew's main mission is only to bomb with the mentality of staying underground from the society and also from the graff scene which is brewing up in the country.Known to be in the most wanted list by the authorities back in those days till the crew was finally busted 2 years later and went tru HELL after a spree of islandwide bombing.Out of the original 6 members, only slac and monk still keep the crewname alive and with slac's winning one of the first few graff comp in 2001 while serving his 1 year probation,ZNC finally rise up to the eye of society and the scene here.The struggles goes on to keep the crew and scene alive therefore more new writers were invited to build the new ZINCNITE CREW in SG.After more than 10 years of writing in a god damn small country with a god damn strict law & order,2009 is the year they choose to go international.Hope this will be a new page to ZNC's long forgotten history.This underestimated crew started with passion and will definitely not end with regrets. Now i'm honored to be one of the connection along with ZNC members in Indonesia.Chezt It Out ! ZNC, FAB FAMILY Represent !

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